iPad Management


iPads with brilliant apps provide wonderful learning opportunities in the classroom, but perhaps setup and management is taking longer than you would like.

Our work across hundreds of schools has shown that most schools struggle with:

  • Initial setup of their iPads
  • Installing Apps
  • Configuration of WiFi and access to the Internet
  • Managing student documents and photos
  • Storage and charging

A key part of easier iPad management is moving to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, which allows you to manage your iPads over WiFi – so no more collecting iPads and plugging them in Configurator via USB and  wasting hours watching apps install.

But it's also about having everything labelled, logins and passwords documented, storage and charging solutions in place, and a long term replacement plan for all your technology.

We are here to help you easily manage your iPads:

  • training hands-on workshops and online courses
  • consulting by phone or a visit to your school
  • enrolment in, or upgrade to Apple School Manager (ASM)
  • supply and setup of ZuluDesk, an MDM solution
  • helping you source iPads, ensuring they are in the Device Enrolment Program (DEP)
  • providing cases and charging trolley/cabinets

Workshops & Online Course

We offer two options for schools interested in Mobile Device Management for their school:
'Apple School Manager & MDM In-Depth' – a hands-on workshop offered a various locations
'Managing iPads with ZuluDesk' – a self-paced, online course for schools who can't make it to a workshop

We also offer NESA Registered Professional Development workshops for teachers on a range of topics.


We offer consulting by phone to assist schools in developing a plan for iPad management, as well as onsite consulting visits to schools – including to install ZuluDesk and train staff in its use. 
Contact us for our rates and to make a booking.


Read more about ZuluDesk, a school-focussed MDM we recommend due to its ease of use, low cost and great technical support.  We can supply your school with licences, training and support.  Contact us for pricing or a free trial.

iPads & Accessories

Based on our extensive experience, contact us for advice on the right iPads and Accessories for your school.