iPads with brilliant apps provide wonderful learning opportunities in the classroom, but perhaps configuring the iPads and installing apps is taking longer than you would like.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is designed to make managing iPads easier for schools with additional functionality in Teacher and Parent applications.  Apps can be installed over wifi while they are in the classroom, so no more collecting iPads to install apps over USB. Create or edit Profiles to change settings dynamically while the iPads are in use, or install the new iBook you created ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

ZuluDesk is MDM designed for schools.  Teachers and IT staff will find the intuitive interface easy to learn, and it’s affordable.  As a cloud-hosted solution, simply request an account and get started managing your iPads using your web browser.

In combination with Apple’s new iOS9.3, iOS 10.2 and Apple School Manager, ZuluDesk is an excellent MDM choice for education. Deploy, secure, and create an inventory of every Mac, iPad and iPhone in your school

Simplify your iPad management with ZuluDesk.

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Think3 provides ZuluDesk licences, training, installation and support services to schools – plus installation and configuration of Apple Caching Server to save bandwidth and increase the speed of app installs.

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