NEW Google Sites

Google recently released the brand new Google Sites – a drag-and-drop website builder that is fabulously easy to use, with a responsive design to automatically scale between computer, tablet and mobile.

Easily manage multiple pages and navigation menus.  Add text and images, videos and uploaded documents.  Embed content from other websites, your Drive, and Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.  The 'Add Editors' button opens the familiar sharing permissions pane, while 'Publish' lets you choose your audience as anyone in your organisation or anyone on the web.

Now integrated into Drive like Docs and Slides, you create a new Site by selecting 'New' > 'More' > 'Google Sites':

Simply drag objects from the menu on the right side of the screen to add Text, Images, Embed URL or Upload objects onto your page – or select one of the many Google content objects such as maps, calendars and anything from your Drive.  Drag objects to rearrange your page.

Google has announced that "The previously existing, classic version of Sites will continue to exist in parallel with the new Sites as we add capabilities that are similar to those found in the classic Sites" and "In 2017, we’ll provide and recommend options to migrate your sites from the classic Sites to the new Sites" and finally "Beginning in 2018, we’ll send a timeline and instructions regarding the gradual process to shut down the classic Sites. The specific date for the shutdown of the classic Sites has yet to be set, but we’ll inform you at least one year in advance of that shutdown".

Google has created an online tutorial to help you get started.