App Review: Adobe Voice

What's your story?  Adobe Voice is a free iPad app for creating animated videos with a focus on the voice.  Start with a short audio recording, then you can add royalty-free icons, photos, text and blend it with some music or motion graphics.  Simply talk, one line at a time, then add visuals, and move onto the next screen.

"Designed by an educator, Adobe Voice scaffolds the storytelling process to help teach your students how to structure effective, engaging stories and videos.  It encourages experimentation, iteration, and creativity" – Adobe

Voice is a wonderful digital literacy tool for creating multimodal texts.  As a tool, it keeps the focus on telling the story, or explaining a concept.  It's simple enough to be used in Kinder, but powerful enough for students and teachers of all ages to create presentations and videos, introduce concepts, for storyboards and prompts.

To get started you will need to create a free Adobe ID – best for the teacher to do this for students under 13.

Get Adobe Voice and view Student Work Samples