iOS 10

Apple released iOS 10 on 13 September 2016 with a cleaner and more consistent design including a redesigned Lock screen.  Updates to the built in apps such as Messages, Maps and Siri, plus more opportunities for developers to integrate round out the top features.  

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iOS 10 is supported on iPads 4 or later and iPad mini 2 or later.

iPad 2, 3 and iPad mini (1st Generation) will continue to operate perfectly on iOS 9, although eventually you may find too many apps require iOS 10 to install – so begin planning your replacement budget for your older iPads.

Configurator 2.3 was also released to support iOS 10 and includes the ability to set the time zone when preparing an iPad.  It requires Mac OS X v10.11.5 or later and the latest version of iTunes on your Mac.

Earlier versions of Configurator will give an error when trying to install or restore to iOS 10, so for those still on Configurator 1.7.2 the time has come to migrate.