Add your iOS 11 iPads to DEP with Configurator 2.5

Apple’s Device Enrolment Program makes it easier to manage iPads, but being a time-of-purchase enrolment into the program, some schools are faced with an existing fleet of iPads which are not in DEP.

Some schools have found their Authorised Education Reseller is willing and able to retrospectively add iPads purchased from them into DEP.

With the recent release of Apple Configurator 2.5 there is a new option for schools with iPads not yet in DEP.  Schools can provisionally add any iPads running iOS 11 to DEP using the new ‘Add to DEP’ tick box when preparing iPads in Configurator 2.5

Configurator 2.5 - Provisional DEP.png

This enrolment is ‘provisional’, so for a period of 30 days, users are able to opt-out of DEP.  The lock screen will display instructions for how to “leave remote management”.  Therefore, you may choose to not have students using these iPads during the 30-day provisional period.  Sounds like a good last week of school, or summer holiday job.

What are the requirements?

– Your devices must be updated to iOS 11.
– The process will erase devices. It will not preserve data.
– You need to plug devices into a Mac (once) to start the process.
– The person running the process will need the Apple School Manager login.
– You will need to manually assign devices to your MDM in Apple School Manager, then complete the setup of the iPad.
– For 30 days after enrolment, users may choose to leave DEP (and MDM). DEP is permanent only after the 30 day provisional period has elapsed.

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