App Review: Handwriting Learning Apps

The touch interface is what sets the iPad apart from a traditional computer, and it’s wonderful when apps are created that take advantage of this interface.

rED Writing and School Writing are two Australian apps designed to help students who are learning to write with letter formation and more, which make excellent use of the iPad touch Interface.

Both apps offer letter tracing with assistance for upper and lower case letters, and numbers.  If students incorrectly trace the letter, the apps demonstrate and give the students another chance.  A choice of Australian state cursive fonts is offered, plus Australian voices and spelling ensure a great experience for our students.

rED Writing was recently updated from an iPhone app to work on the larger iPad screen, and it's fun graphics and style is engaging for kids.

School Writing adds the ability for teacher to customise content for their students, including word lists, replacing demonstrations and voice overs.

At time of writing, both apps offer a discount in the Education VPP Store.